Wednesday, January 08, 2014

They Really Should Have Kept The Tip

Apparently meth, in addition to making you lose your teeth and causing anxiety, depression, methamphetamine psychosis, suicide, and violent behaviors also makes you so very, very stupid.

This is aptly demonstrated by a couple meth-heads in Oregon:

The Detroit Free Press: Patrons accused of tipping waitress with crystal meth

A waitress at the Twisted Fish restaurant in Seaside, Ore., got an unusual tip — an envelope full of methamphetamine.

The Daily Astorian newspaper reports the waitress contacted police Friday after a couple included the envelope while paying for their drinks.

The responding officer identified the substance, and arrested 40-year-old Ryan Bensen of Beaverton and 37-year-old Erica Manley of Cascade Locks.

Police said they found more of the drug when searching Manley's purse and the couple's motel and vehicle.

Maybe they wanted speedier service and thought the meth would help the waitress pick it up a notch, but probably not.