Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Remember One Thing When Falling Backward....

Winter, every time it comes around, as is its wont, tries to kill me.

For the latest attempt, at about 11 pm last night, I'm taking the dog for his night-time walk and taking the garbage bin to the curb at the same time as the next day is garbage day.

So with the dog leash in one hand, the big full garage bin on wheels in the other, I head down the Driveway of Doom™.

Just before the end, on a black driveway on a pitch-black night there's a patch of black ice.

Both feet go up in the air.

This is about to suck, thinks I.

When you're already falling backward there's one thing to do: tuck your chin to your chest. Another way of remembering is to focus on looking at your belt.

Tucking your chin or focusing on your belt gets your head curved in and away from the pavement that is trying to smash it in. Your head is important, so keep it off the ground at all costs.

Next, try to roll with the impact and dissipate it by hitting the ground with your hands and forearms without reaching back with your arms so you don't throw your shoulder out. Having your head tucked tends to also tuck the rest of your body into a ball so you can roll with the impact a bit which helps a lot.

I dutifully tucked my head in and as both arms were occupied, ended up doing at least a roll rather than a flop down on the asphalt. The garbage bin ripped out of my hand and hit with a bang, the leash also fell out of my grip on impact and Jett waited for me to get up and get him. Good dog.

Aside from a back muscle ache from impact, no serious damage happened in the fall. Winter has failed yet again.

So remember, when you're falling backwards, tuck your chin to your chest and then roll for the best.

This public service announcement is brought to you by the letters O, U, C, and H.


Murphy's Law said...

A good dog would have caught you or at least broken your fall with his body.

Aaron said...

Hey at least mine doesn't laugh at me when that happens. Either that, or he keeps it all inside.

ProudHillbilly said...

I never have time to think about how to fall. I just suddenly find myself on my back looking at the sky and thinking "Huh?"