Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday Range Time

As Murphy's Law mentions, yesterday we went to my favorite outdoor range to get some shooting in.

The weather was cool but with no wind it was downright comfortable.

We had Proud Hillbilly's Son-In-Law D. came with us, as well as did ML's Spud.

D. is waiting on issuance of his CPL permit, and decided to come along to get more practice in.

Here he is rockin' his revolver.

As expected, he shot very well indeed and I'm quite sure he'll be a very competent CPL holder. I figure I can talk him into coming to a USPSA match with me and we should have a great time.

He also generously let the Spud try out his revolver:

I then let the Spud try out the Tavor:

Overall Spud did well and paid attention and only had to do 20 push ups in the snow for minor safety infractions or for failing to pay attention.

The Tavor worked great as expected, and D., ML, and Spud all enjoyed firing it. ML fired it left-handed and there was no issue with brass hitting him even with the Tavor setup for standard right-side ejection.

Murphy's Law came up with his J-Frame and then made the J Frame Challenge - 5 shots to knock down 3 steel poppers from the distance as shown. D., ML, and I all did it successfully, and Spud almost made it.

I did bring another fun item out but since I neglected to take any pictures I'll do a separate post about it later.

We all had a great time.

I did have a weird failure with the M&P 40C - shooting Federal 180gr 40 S&W (purple box), my standard carry magazine worked 100%. However, in both the magazine with the finger extension and a 15 rounder, the slide was visibly dragging and slow to close and almost felt like the slide was stalling while dragging over the round in the magazine before loading it. You could actually see it hesitate for a long moment with the slide back and then move it's way back into battery with a "snick" sound. However, loading the magazine with Winchester white box 165 grain in the exact same magazine resolved the problem and there was no hesitation of any kind and it functioned 100% without a hiccup.

I'm thinking the Federal Purple Box stuff is underpowered, but if anyone has got any ideas as to what may be causing this that would be helpful.


Keads said...

Glad y'all had fun! Wish I could have been there! As to the malfunction you said the magic words. "Winchester white box". Save some and we will chronograph.

Aaron said...

Keads: The Winchester White Box functioned 100%, it was the purple box Federal 180gr that was causing malfunctions but only in 2 of 3 magazines.

Weird, eh?