Monday, December 09, 2013

Obamacare Will Bend The Health Care Cost Curve - By Raising Costs, And Taxes Too

Remember the heady days when it was promised that Obamacare would be just awesome; that if you liked your insurance you could keep your insurance; that there would be no tax increases; that it would have a super-efficient and easy to use website; that it would bend healthcare costs downward; and that the entire thing would be funded on Unicorn farts and skittles?

Well, it seems that costs are instead going up, due to taxes and costs imposed by, you guessed it, Obamacare.

The Detroit News: Workers' health care fees may rise under Obamacare

Health care costs are expected to rise in 2014 for many workers, including those at one Royal Oak company, because of new, obscure federal fees and taxes imposed on insurers and employers.

Across the nation, the fees and taxes imposed next year through the Affordable Care Act will generate about $20 billion, based on Joint Committee on Taxation estimates, and could affect nearly 60 percent of Americans who receive insurance through their workplace.

It’s uncertain how many employees could pay the higher fees and taxes because employers are deciding whether to absorb the cost or pass along all or part of it.

Sadly, while the Democrats and credulous fools (but I repeat myself) voted for Obama and his lie-powered healthcare plan (twice), the rest of us get to suffer under the government and healthcare plan they deserve.

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