Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OC In School In The WB? Not The Best Idea.

Deciding to make a point in one of the most Democrat controlled areas may not be the brightest of ideas, especially if it leads to more restrictions on firearms.

The Detroit News: West Bloomfield board asks for ban on openly carried firearms in schools

The West Bloomfield Board of Education is asking state lawmakers to add public schools to the list of places where people can’t openly carry firearms.

At a regular meeting earlier this week, the board adopted a resolution urging the Legislature to prohibit visitors from carrying firearms openly in schools, which is legal in Michigan with a concealed weapons permit.

The resolution came after a parent who was openly carrying a firearm attended an event earlier this month at Scotch Elementary, district spokeswoman Pamela Zajac said.

The parent contacted West Bloomfield Police Chief Michael Patton, the superintendent and the principal of the school to alert them of his intent to carry at the event, Zajac said. There was no incident during the parent’s visit, she said, which was believed to be on Nov. 8.

Yes, the open carrier did everything perfectly legally and went above and beyond the aw in politely notifying police he was going to open carry at the meeting. You can open carry in a school zone in Michigan so long as you have a Concealed Pistol License

Unfortunately he's scaring the (Democratic) horses, which may lead to restictions on our rights.

“He is law-abiding,” Zajac said. “It was disturbing. Seeing a weapon on our elementary school grounds is upsetting to some parents.”

Patton said police were notified of the incident, which the gun-toting parent recorded with cellphone video and posted on You Tube, but no report was filed because there was no wrongdoing. He would not identify the parent. The video was later removed, he said.

“He had a handgun in a holster on his hip,” Patton said. “It was holstered the entire time, and he wasn’t handling it at any point.

It should also be noted that concealed carry on school grounds is not allowed. It would have been allowed had our Governed not vetoed the CPL reform bill that would have permitted that and thus avoided scaring the sheeple.

I can empathize with the idea that he's legally exercising his constitutional rights and that some people want to take the "in your face" approach to pushing our firearms rights.

However, I think that tactically choosing one of the most sheep-rich Democrat areas in Michigan to flaunt open carry in a school zone was a bad idea and probably isn't going to win much support for the cause and likely is going to backfire.

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Murphy's Law said...

Had this dufus not made it an issue--and he didn't have to--it wouldn't be a problem right now.

I have to wonder where all of these firebrands were during the fight to pass the original concealed-carry law, when all of the heavy lifting was done by a relative few citizens.