Thursday, August 08, 2013

Vanguard 2 Review 2

After carrying the M&P 40c in the Vanguard 2 for awhile, I'm starting to appreciate the holster more and more since my initial positive review.

Now that I'm more comfortable with it, I've found that you can re-holster the firearm into the vanguard 2 without removing it from your waistband. Just take your time, line it up, and it fits right in with a comforting click. This works a lot better with wearing a pair of pants a size larger than you usually wear. Because I've lost weight I've got quite a few of those around now.

The pistol unholsters quietly without the snap that is heard when removing a pistol from the MIC holster.

It also unholsters very smoothly indeed, making a draw quite effortless. The nice thing about the Vanguard 2 with the strut/loop attached is the holster stays exactly where you put it. Whether appendix, strong-side carry or otherwise, the pistol remains right where you put it on your belt. You can shift it around for comfort a bit but its a lot more stable than using it with the cord alone. In short it's a rather excellent minimalist holster that's great for concealed carry. In short, I was getting a larger bulge from the iPhone hip case than from the Vanguard 2.

Here's the Vanguard 2 with a slim-fit cover garment:

The Vanguard with the cover garment raised:

And with just a very light t-shirt that wrinkles when it touches anything:

In short, you're pretty well concealed when carrying with a Vanguard 2 and even with only a light T-shirt, thought I'd suggest a darker color or patterned one at the very least over the original wrinkle T.

Darn good holster, very highly recommended.

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