Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Not Full Auto......

It's The Full Miculek:

40 rounds, all on target, in 6.48 seconds.

Yeah, he's that good, and he really does rock with that Tavor!


Old NFO said...

Just shows what a million rounds of practice can do... :-)

Scott said...

I saw a video of him doing 6 rounds of .50BMG out of a Barrett in about 1 second. THAT was impressive!

Aaron said...

Old NFO- Yep, all that practice he does sure helps. While practice makes perfect, it's likely he had a million rounds of perfect practice.

I think he's also got loads of natural talent that combined with all the practice makes him rather awesome.

Scott: That would be cool to see indeed. I'd expect he had all 6 rounds hit the target to boot.