Friday, August 30, 2013

Try To Compromise With The Devil? NFATC Finds Out Why You Shouldn't.

The National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Association it seems just helped the ATFE and DOJ screw over owners of NFA items quite nicely.

While it was admirable that NFATC in its proposal for rule-making to BATFE requested that the requirement for Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO)signature be done away with, they unfortunately didn't stop there.

The morons also requested that responsible persons for NFA trusts, corporations and the like have to submit to the fingerprinting, photo and background requirements as individual applicants must. Note there really hasn't been any problems extant with such Trusts and Corp owners all this time, so why the hell did they bring it up? Why now, when there's all the clamor for gun control and Obama and Holder hold control of the levers of the executive branch?

Do note that many people form the Corporations and Trusts because their CLEOs unreasonably refuse to sign their paperwork and may do so both arbitrarily and capriciously and there's no redress for such refusal. While my CLEO is reasonable about signing off, there's no guarantee a successor will be in the future. Requiring permission or the acquisition of legal items based on the mere whims of an official seems rather un-American to say the least.

Of course, with use of this brilliant proposal as the excuse the ATFE went off and proposed a rule as a result that agrees with requiring responsible persons to go through the background check, but keeps the requirement for CLEO sign-off.

Thanks to this bit of rule-proposing brilliance, we get the worst of both worlds - The proposed rule now is that the CLEO sign-off requirement remains and Trusts and Corporate responsible officers are subject to it.

Nicely done NFATC, nicely done.

Hat Tips to SayUncle and Prince Law Offices PC blog.

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