Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things

I picked Abby up from her camp after work last night and we headed home.

Once home, we started getting dinner ready and she popped downstairs to watch a cooking show on on-demand from the Food Network, as cooking is one of her interests and one of the few channels we let her watch programs from with pretty much no restrictions.

So she's busy watching an on demand Cake Boss and I head down to round her up for dinner. She asks to wait for a moment so the final product can be shown, and I agree.

A commercial appears, with a young lady appearing on the screen:

"Hi, I'm psychologist Dr. So-and-So and this message is directed to parents of kids with behavioral problems."

Abby, absolutely deadpan and with perfect timing immediately says to the screen:

"Oh, Shut Up!"

....and then she calmly hits the fast forward on the remote.

I know I'm supposed to scold her for such uncalled-for language but I'm too busy rolling on the floor laughing.

1 comment:

Murphy's Law said...

LOLOLOL! Reason # 547 why I love that kid and her little sister.

You've raised them well.