Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Takes A Lot Of Chutzpah To Be Michigan's Democrat Chairman

Mark Brewer, chairman of the Michigan Democrats submitted the following linked opinion piece to the Detroit News: If anyone is committing voter fraud in Michigan, it is Republicans

Nevermind that his op-ed is rather hard to follow, especially with the party switching part that just doesn't make any sense without some context that I and most readers lack.

But seriously now, according to Brewer the source of fraud in Michigan elections are the Republicans? That takes a fair suspension of disbelief, especially given the author of the diatribe.

After all, this is coming from the head of the Michigan Democrats, whose Operations Director of its Oakland County branch and former party chairman was convicted of creating a fake tea party. Indeed, Mr. Brewer was himself suspected by some political analysts of playing a part and being involved in the shenanigans.

I'm not sure if he was able to write his column with a straight face, but I'm betting not.

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Scott said...

That Mr. Brewer is able to write and even possibly believe such tripe isn't really so hard to understand. He and others like him have subscribed to a world view that admits to no moral absolutes. Therefore to lie, obfuscate, and otherwise mislead creates no moral conflict for them, and they are able to put out this stuff easily and without restraint. Their morality is in the moment, and is entirely situational.

People like you and I who have strong and time-proven moral underpinnings are able to see and understand the falsehood. But the concept of absolute rights and wrongs are foreign to such as Mr. Brewer.

Now I'm sure that there will be lots of indignant replies to this comment, and to those who would do so I say that I have not called Mr. Brewer IM-moral, I have said he is A-moral. There is a big difference, conceptually at least.