Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pre-Election Scare Tactics from the Pro-Abortion Lobby

Gasp! if Bush is relected Abortion could be illegal in 30 states within a year of its being overturned. Quick, vote for Kerry!

That seems to be the theme of the Center For Reproductive Rights' new publication: "What if Roe Fell". The report was then quoted in the Lansing State Journal:

Thirty states, including Michigan, are poised to make abortion illegal within a year if the Supreme Court reversed its 1973 ruling establishing a woman's legal right to an abortion, an advocacy group said Tuesday.

The Center for Reproductive Rights said some states have old laws on the books that would be triggered by the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. Others have language in their state constitutions or strongly anti-abortion legislatures that would act quickly if the federal protection for abortion was ended and the issue reverted to the states.

"The building blocks are already in place to recriminalize abortion," said Nancy Northup, center president.

The group's report comes less than a month before the presidential election, which those on both sides of the abortion issue say will be critical in determining the future of the Roe decision.

Currently, it is believed that five of the nine justices support abortion rights, but that balance could be tipped if President Bush, in a second term, nominates a new justice who reflects his anti-abortion views. Democratic contender John Kerry supports abortion rights.

The lansing State Journal then fails to point out that the likelihood of very pro-choice, very Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm's not vetoing any such bills recriminalizing abortion can be summed up in three words: slim and none.

The Center's press release specifically addresses Michigan:

According to What if Roe Fell?, many states already have pre-Roe abortion bans on the books that could be enforced after a Roe reversal. For example, Michigan’s ban was blocked by the courts shortly after the Roe decision. But the day after Roe falls, Michigan officials could rush to court to lift the injunction, and in just a matter of days, begin enforcing the law. Doctors who performed abortions would be felons.

Once again, Michigan has a very Democrat, pro-choice administration. The chance that "Michigan officials could rush to court to lift the injunction, and in just a matter of days, begin enforcing the law" is just so much hyperbole and scare-mongering, and that is likely true of the other states it bills as "high-risk".

Indeed, even if these 21 high risk states made abortion illegal, that would not prevent the Center's own admittedly "20 Likely protected" states from providing for abortions.

Regardless of one's opinon on abortion, this scare-mongering is a blatant attempt to present an unlikely hypothertical as fact to frighten voters to elect Kerry.

Next possible Democrat claim: If Bush is re-elected women will be drafted into the military so they can't have abortions"

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