Friday, October 01, 2004

Hamas using mosques for communication

As usual the Islamic "militants" are using mosques as military staging points.

In the current battle in Gaza, where Israel is trying to stop terrorists from using rockets to attack israel's civillian population,

Nizar Rayan, the top Hamas leader in northern Gaza, encouraged the gunmen and gave them tips in a message broadcast in mosques and on a local radio station late Thursday.

Rayan said gunmen should not remain in one place for more than three minutes to avoid being spotted and should use their cell phones only when absolutely necessary. The militants, who were moving in small groups of no more than seven, communicated largely through text messages on cell phones.

Militants immediately followed one of Rayan's tips: reducing visibility by burning tires and filling the air with black smoke, thus making it harder for Israeli unmanned aircraft, or drones, to spot them.

That would certainly make those peaceful mosques legitimate targets.

The rest of the article entitled Armored vehicles mass at Gaza border By IBRAHIM BARZAK (catch the name of the author anyone?)

Ibrahim tends to rather fawn over the militants, only addressing them as such and refers to a female Israeli civillian killed in an attack as a "settler".

Another examples of this fawning attitude
Thursday's battle in Jebaliya pitted hundreds of gunmen with homemade rockets and assault rifles against the mightiest army in the Middle East, at first glance a hugely lopsided fight. However, in four years of conflict, Israeli troops had never before struck deep inside the camp for fear of getting bogged down in urban combat.

The fight over control of Jebaliya, the birthplace of the first Palestinian uprising in 1987, could take on great symbolic value.

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