Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Detainee released and off to commit terrorist acts

According to the Washington Post, Ex-U.S. Detainee Now Leading Kidnappers, one of the detainees held at guantanamo Bay was released and is now leading a band:

whose members kidnapped two Chinese engineers in a lawless region of Pakistan near the Afghan border, officials said.

Clearly, at least I'm sure to the LLL, the detainement at Guantanamo must have been the straw that broke this peaceful mujahadeen's back, after all

The five kidnappers have strapped explosives to the hostages and threatened to kill them unless the militants are allowed safe passage to a nearby area where their leader, Abdullah Mehsud, is believed to be hiding, officials said.

Clearly the signs of a derranged mind.

It was not clear why U.S. authorities released Mehsud. After he returned to his tribal homeland in South Waziristan, he became a rebel leader and had opposed Pakistani forces hunting al Qaeda fighters in the semiautonomous area.

Presumably a Supreme Court decision on the prisoner's confinement had something to do woith it. Once again, to our peril we've answered a terrorist threat by use of our judicial system, much to our sorrow.

But Mehsud is not the only ex-resident of guantanamo that has resumed hostilities:

At least one other former Guantanamo detainee returned to his militant past. Abdul Ghaffar, an Afghan who fought for the Taliban, was released in 2002 after eight months in detention to become a commander for the Islamic militia in southern Afghanistan. He was killed by U.S. forces in a gun battle last month.

Next time, keep the enemy combatants detained until hostilities cease so they quit popping back up on the battlefield against us, either that or forces on the ground may have cease taking prisoners as they will simply be released to fight another day against them.

There used to be an old concept of "parole" where a captured enemy was released on condition that he not fight against the force that captured him any more, and if he was captured again doing so he was shot out of hand. The concept needs ressurecting in this war. The enemy should not be released after capture and given an opportunity to have a "do-over". This is war, not tiddlywinks.

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