Friday, October 01, 2004

Clearly a Need for an Assault Sword Ban

As reported in Michigan's Bay City Times, Judge orders evaluation of suspect in sword attack.

A judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation of a Bay City man charged with nearly hacking the hands off another man with a sword.

prosecutors allege that Goodell, a self-employed karaoke disc jockey, charged at 20-year-old Jason Betzold in the early morning hours on North Jackson Street and swung the samurai-style sword at him. The weapon's 28-inch steel blade cut into Betzold's wrists, nearly severing one hand. . . .

Witnesses told police that Betzold was walking down the street in the early morning hours with friends when Goodell came running from his mother's residence with the sword, yelling about disturbances in the neighborhood before attacking Betzold.

It seems the parties involved did not know each other and Goodell simply attacked whoever was closest.

One can postulate that Mr. Betzoid would likely have fared better if he had had a gun - the scene would have ended like the scene in indiana Jones rather than his almost losing a hand. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery.

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