Monday, June 14, 2004

Mayor of Detroit Suffers Outbreak of Foot-In-Mouth Disease

As noted in the Detroit News, Mayor Kilpatrick, made some embarrasing, if not downright stupid gaffes at the Detroit Regional Chanmber's policy conference.

    Kilpatrick blurted out, “What is it with you white people? You love your drug wars.”

    The racist remark was part of a larger and more bizarre diatribe by the mayor in which he blamed the media for Detroit’s poor image. Kilpatrick contends that Detroit doesn’t have a problem with crime, despite the cold, hard numbers from the FBI; it has a problem with the way the media report on crime.

Just imagine the protests, if not an outright riot, that would have occurred had it been a white politician saying “What is it with you black people? You love your drugs.”

Pathetic, racist and absolutely unnacceptable either way.

Hopefully the Mayor has the good sense to apologise, or that the media keep on this.

As a Mayor of a city that is now predominantly black, that is seeking the predominantly white suburbs to kick in money to keep the city afloat, one would think the Mayor would show both more class and more tact.

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