Saturday, June 12, 2004

Imam Calls for Justice

But you know there's a catch.

Special to the Detroit News, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, head of the Islamic House of Worship in Dearborn Heights declares that Faith and values demand justice for Palestinians.

His editorial is a classic seethe. While he calls for "justice" and castigates the US and Israel, he can't seem to demand that his co-religionists that are terrorists should be brought to justice.

Of course he brings up Abu Ghraib:
The disgraceful scenes of brutality and humiliation in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison have made a powerful explosive weapon of mass destruction whose main victim was the image of our country around the world.

Her then brings up the standard canard that Arrogant acts mixed with strategic mistakes resulted in losing the hearts and minds of the Iraqis. Last May the president declared the end of the war, and this May he declared the beginning of the war without predicting its end. For some reason, the president has decided to put the Israeli agenda above American security.

The Imam doesn't seem to connect the dots as to how the President not "predicting an end to the war in Iraq" is somehow putting the Israeli agenda above American security. Of course for Moonbats, including Fritz Hollings and Jim Moran, this is apparently understood.

He then plays the standard massacre card concerning the battle in Rafah

He then tops it off with his statement that I am not anti-Jewish; I am anti-injustice. I joined the interfaith “Walk as One” parade in Detroit to be one nation under one Lord. I wish I heard more courageous voices from the faithful within the Jewish community condemning the atrocities of the Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Yep, some of his best friends are Jewish no doubt. Of course in his entire editorial he can't seem able to condemn a single act of Arab/Palestinian terrorism.

It's a classic one-sided seethe complete with references to Amnesty international and the UN as moral agents condemning evil Israeli actions like the building of a security fence to stop terorist infiltrations and interdicting tunnels used to smuggle weapons to kills Jews.

After all it just wouldn't meet his concept of justice to prevent terrorists from killing more Jews.

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