Friday, June 11, 2004

Little Green Footballs - the Drinking Game

In honor of the many drinking threads on Little Green Footballs, as a regular reader and occasional poster, I present the LGF Drinking Game.

The Rules

A Drink can be a beer, a glass of wine or a shot of liquor…your choice.

You must take a drink when:

1. Anytime someone posts “FIRST!

2. Anytime Bigel posts that we should nuke Mecca and Medina
You can
    a) take a drink in disgust
    b) down a drink in agreement
    c) contemplatively sip your drink while thinking…that might not be a bad idea as a deterrent to threaten the Islamists that if there is another attack on US soil we’ll atomically reconfigure their religion.

3. Anytime Aisha sings the praises of wearing a burka or a hijab

4. Anytime someone says “Gordon is a troll but even like a broken clock he’s sometimes right”

5. Anytime someone (((hugs))) someone else.

6. Anytime a Troll declares that LGF is a racist cesspool for its reporting on Islamist threats, Islamist statements in the media or mosque, Islamist activities and seethings.

7. Anytime someone GAZEs at a Troll.

8. Anytime someone tells a Troll to appropriately FOAD.

9. Anytime someone asks for a hat tip.

10. Anytime a post or commentator states that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" (ROP or ROPMA also qualifies).

11. Anytime someone brings up the grand Lizardroid conspiracy.

12. Anytime Charles posts in the comments on a thread. Please drink while standing at a position of attention with your glass raised to your Lizardroid Master.

13. If you’re not drunk yet by the time you read this rule, you’re obviously not reading LGF, get reading and start over!

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