Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Enrollment Decline at U of M Women and Minorities hardest hit.

Its interesting to see the different spins being spun on the enrollment drop at U of M.

The Detroit Free Press In its editorial notes that
applications among African Americans and Hispanics dropped 25 percent and 13 percent respectively But it then goes on to state that there was a a similar, 20-percent decline in white student applications.

On the other hand, The Detroit News in its editorial only remarks that U-M’s minority applications are down 21 percent from last fall; applications dropped 25 percent for African-Americans and 22 percent fewer African-Americans were accepted., with no mention of the corresponding 20% decline in white student applications.

Perhaps it did not mention this numerically similar decline in order to take a swipe at the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative's attempt to place on the ballot a referendum prohibiting affirmative action, noting it was a possible reason for the decline in minority students declining applications, and that it merely being in contention is enought for the damage may have already been done.

So the Detroit News is assuming minority students would not even apply to U of M because of a possible refferendum, which has not even taken place, and is the subject of court action, that would only prohibit affirmative action? If the Detroit News truly thinks that minority students are that dumb as to be influenced by such an event to not even apply, then no wonder that the Detroit News is in favor of affirmative action plans. But this reflects far more on the mindset of the Detroit News editorial writer than on the ability of any minority student.

Meanwhile, the Freep does not even mention the MCRI initiative as possible reason for the decline.

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