Saturday, December 26, 2015

Detroit Gets Its Own BLM Moment

In a moment that the usual suspects in Detroit have long been waiting for, they've now manufactured a BLM moment out of a criminals assault on a cop. Based on the facts so far, it will be a heckuva reach to get to a "hands up don't shoot" myth, but they're going to try. Their last attempt fizzled after a black cop shot a black man coming at him with a hammer during an attempt to arrest him for a armed robbery, but now they've got a white cop shooting a black man and they mean to work it, and the facts of the situation are irrelevant to the narrative they are building.

The Detroit News: Dearborn cop fatally shoots unarmed suspect in Detroit

Unarmed is a relative term, considering he was shot after struggling with the officer and attempting to take the officer's firearm.

Of course his name is Dindu Nuffin:

The Detroit News: Family of man shot by cop: He was harmless

Looking into the matter, not only was he a paranoid schizophrenic with an outstanding warrant and being sought for a prior larceny that very day, but after first running from police and having an admitted history of running from police, and then struggling with the officer and trying to disarm him he was harmless. This makes the definition of harmless highly relative.

The Detroit News: Craig: Witness saw officer struggling with man he shot

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, with a promise of protests over the death of what was a violent criminal. It will be hard for the community organizer grievance gang to make a hero out of him and bend the facts to fit the narrative, but like in Ferguson and other places, it looks like they're going to try.

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