Friday, December 04, 2015

Well, It's Not Exactly "Workplace Violence" Now Is It?

The Detroit News: Wife in shooting pledged allegiance to IS

Of course, the Obama administration even after learning this latest tidbit is still going on the "sudden workplace rage" theory:

At the same time, law enforcement officials from local police to Attorney General Loretta Lynch cautioned it could have been work-related rage. Or a twisted hybrid of religion and personal vendetta.

The narrative blaming white males and the NRA sure fell apart quickly and quite conveniently only after it was caterwauled from every proggy news outlet, now didn't it?


Old NFO said...

It's now officially terrorism... At least according to the FBI!

Aaron said...

Yes, even Obama has finally admitted that it was due to "violent extremist ideologies" but he still can't get around to naming what that ideology is.