Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Turkish Court Asks The Important Questions

Ah, when you think of Turkish justice, you think of quality Turkish prison.

Now the Turkish justice system, instead of worrying about little details like questions of free speech, is asking the important questions: Turkish court asks: Is Gollum good or bad?

A Turk has allegedly committed the offense of majestas, insulting the image of the head of state, with a potential two-year sentence in the aforementioned Turkish prison, by daring to juxtapose Turkish Prime Minister Ergodan to Gollum in a Facebook posting.

Since free speech is not a defense to the crime, his attorney has been stuck arguing that Gollum isn't bad so it should not be an offense to make such a comparative image.

So the court is actually going to have a hearing as to whether Gollum is a bad or good figure.

Whatever you do, don't suggest to the court that Gollum is Jewish, ok?

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