Thursday, December 17, 2015

Flying Lesson #29 - I Can Actually Consistently Land This Thing

I seem to be getting better at this.

Going up in trusty N73455 it was pattern work day.

A light wind, oftentimes blowing straight down the pipe, at other times giving a little crosswind, and a little thin layer of mist at pattern altitude made it only slightly less than perfect flying conditions. Nothing to complain about there.

Good patterns, most were excellent patterns with everything going just right, and I flew nice stable approaches on final.

Of 13 landings, 3 were really great with very nice flares, 9 were decent with sufficient round-out and flare but could have used a bit more, and one was a bit sucky from rounding out a touch too high resulting in a little bounce but no nose wheel bounce.

It was a very busy day today with multiple jets and twins coming and going and multiple planes flying the pattern. It got so busy they opened up the second tower frequency and moved all of us using 27R to it on the fly. It was kinda fun as everyone switched over and then checked in in series - "N757MK on base", "N73455 on downwind", XXXX on crosswind".

In short, it was a darn good lesson and I may just be coming along nicely with this whole landing thing.

That's 1.5 more hours and 13 more landings.

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