Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Implications From The San Bernardino Terrorist Attack Are Rather Worrisome

The really frightening implication from the San Bernardino terrorist attack isn’t so much that they chose to leave their 6 month-old baby behind and give up what seemed to be a rather nice American lifestyle with good secure government jobs and instead go forth and get themselves killed in the name of jihad.

Instead, the far more disturbing implication is that this guy described as a "devout Muslim but not outwardly radical" just up and mowed down co-workers that he had happily worked beside and known for years without warning and with happy abandon for the simple reason that they were not of his religion and ideology.

The last bunch we got serious about dealing with that went around killing with abandon their neighbors who had religions differing from them, we had to intern lots of those that lived here, bomb their cities to rubble, outlaw their ideology, and occupy them for about 70 years. Haven't had serious trouble from them since.

It also shows the absolute fallacy that strict gun control laws, gun free zones and unarmed security guards are going to keep anyone safe, but we already knew that.

Oh and Democrats - Prayers are not enough at a time like this, right?

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Expatriate Owl said...

May be having more trouble with them, though. The terms MacArthur imposed upon them essentially provided that their military would be basically in defensive modality. Now that Obama has effectively created a power vacuum and hogtied the US military, the folks from the Land of the Rising Sun may well arm up and fill it. Remember that these are the folks who gave us Pearl Harbor, Bataan & Corregidor, Nanking, Alexandra Hospital, St. Stephen's College, etc.