Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Flying Lesson #31 - SSLDD

Flying Lesson 31 had a low cloud base providing a marginal VFR kinda day with the wind blowing 9-12 knots typically shifting somewhere from 250 - 300 degrees. On the upside it was warm and rather pleasant so more pattern work it was.

Can't say I did too good today. One landing of 13 was right on and the rest were again with not enough flare and landing pretty flat as usual. Approaches were a little low and not as stable as I or Sean would like.

Apparently I need to be more assertive and constantly show that I'm flying the airplane and it's not flying me. I happen to think I'm already doing that but I need to be more extroverted about it I guess. Yelling "Banzai" on landing is back on the table as an option. FMFL.

That's 1.4 more hours and 13 more landings.


juvat said...

Ahh, don't sweat the small stuff. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. (This coming from one of the few guys known to have bounced an F-4 on landing.)

Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks. I figure after getting over my disappointment that it was just a bad day and will keep at it. Apparently I'm pretty close but need to improve before moving on to the next phase.