Friday, December 04, 2015

Not Flying Again

This has been a week of absolutely no joy for flying lessons.

I had scheduled 4 different time slots this week, figuring the weather might bag one but that I'd get some serious time in to fix my landings and get them competent. It was not to be. First, the weather was bad Tuesday with LIFR visibility at the airport so it was a scrub, then the plane was down on Wednesday, then yesterday the weather was a total bust yesterday, with LIFR at the airport. LIFR, Low IFR conditions that even IFR pilots avoid, are conditions that are certainly not to be messed with by a student VFR pilot and I rightly wouldn't get a take-off clearance anyhow.

Now tomorrow, when I'm scheduled to go and the weather looks reasonable, it's not happening. It's for a good reason and a good cause, but it's still not happening because per the FAA, Operation Good Cheer is shutting down all morning flight school ops at KPTK.

Delivering presents via aircraft to those kids in need for the holidays throughout the state is a very good thing indeed and a noble effort, so I have no issues with that.

I can feel those skills that I've acquired, limited as they are, fading away already.

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