Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Just Like A Real M&P Pistol, Only Smaller

The gun I brought to the range is the new (to me) M&P Compact 22.

It looks like an M&P, but it is smaller and lighter in every way. This will be important for its intended purpose.

It comes in a cardboard box, not quite as nice a presentation as their center-fire caliber pistols with their plastic carry cases.

Nicely small and lightweight, it's quite an ideal kit gun and in my case, kids' gun.

The kids can easily get a grip around the thin grip and it's smaller and much lighter than the Ruger MKII bull barrel I have. Soon I shall take the kids to the range with it and see what we can see.

It comes with two magazines, both of which are markedly easier to load than the Ruger MK II's magazines, which again makes it attractive for the kids.

I put 50 rounds through it after first cleaning and lubricating it as it arrived bone-gratingly dry in the box. The bore had a bit of gunk in it which I got out with a patch and am glad I did so before firing it.

All 50 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet fired through it flawlessly, recoil is nil, and keeping it on target is a cinch.

I expect this will be a real kid-pleaser at the range, once I scrounge up some more 22 LR that is and take them to shoot it.


Keads said...


Aaron said...

Keads: Yep, looking forward to supervising them shooting it. I figure the first target will be balloons for the fun of quick feedback for the occasion.

NotClauswitz said...

Very Nice! I think something like that may be in my future. My only .22 semi-auto is a top-end that goes onto the Sig P220, which is a bit of over-kill. Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas besides!

Aaron said...

NotClauswitz: Thanks, and to you as well!