Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flying Lesson #28 - Getting There Slowly And Hopefully Surely

Lesson 28 had some overcast and light rain with about 10-14 knots coming shifting from 280-300 degrees but it was clear enough for some pattern work.

Patterns weren't quite perfect today but it's coming along and getting more stable overall, but with a bit of more adjustments on final than I and especially my instructor would like.

Overall, I'm getting better in the landings, not quite as good as the two from the last lesson but one was very nice and and a couple were good and the rest were average. Still had some float and a couple bounces in some of them, but no nose wheel bonking this time which is a good improvement so it is coming along. I'm certainly feeling better about it.

That's 1 hour and 10 more landings.

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