Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Range Trip!

Murphy's Law is in town so I met up him and his sister after I finished up some work at the office and then we headed to the range.

ML's sister is still a novice shooter, complete with a new M&P Shield 9mm. We went over safety and handling procedures and then went on to loading and firing.

With a bit of instruction from me and ML, after a few runs she started settling down and knocking down some steel plates with aplomb.

She did quite well with the Shield, using both FMJ ammo as practice and some Speer Gold Dot which will be her carry ammo. You can say the pistol is now well and truly broken in and should serve her well.

I took the opportunity to put another 150 rounds through the P30, making it 950 rounds so far with no cleaning and no issues of any kind.

I shot the M&P 40c as well, putting another 100 rounds through it with no issues, including some Winchester Ranger ammunition, and the TRUGLO TFX Sights sights are dead on and ridiculously easy to pickup quickly. I really like these sights.

I then brought out my Glock 17 which I haven't shot for awhile. The grip angle on it was distinctly different from that of the P30 and M&Pc and took a bit of getting used to, but after shooting the M&P40c, the by contrast low-to-no perceived recoil of the 17 made it very easy to shoot quickly and accurately. I had also brought along another gun which will be the subject of my next post.

ML had brought along quite a few nice handguns, including his Walther PPK.

On drawing it, you could hear him say: "My name is Law, Murphy's Law".

I can guarantee that he's a better shot than Daniel Craig.

It was a darn good range trip.


Keads said...


Murphy's Law said...

It was a good time out indeed. And no one got shot so it ended well.

Aaron said...

Keads: That it was.

ML: Yep it was a good time indeed, and everyone left without any additional holes, which is always a sign of a safe range trip. She's coming along, some more practice for her will be a good thing.