Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Funday

Murphy's Law and his nephew the Spud met up with me and Abby and Leah at Zap Zone for some Laser Tag. ML has a good description of the events up as well, including his mauling at the hands of the Spud in Game 3.

Laser tag was a ton of fun.

For Game 1, it was the five of us versus eight other players and they beat us by two points, but for one reason only - Leah's Laser stopped working within one minute of the game starting so the score ended 60,602 for us to 60,604 for them. Leah ran through the game as a human meat shield that game. The staff noted they had never had a closer game, ever. On the upside, the guy gave Leah a ticket to a free Laser Tag game or go cart as compensation for her gun not working.

Game 2, as Murphy describes, he started signing Men of Harlech just before the game began and I almost fell down laughing.
Luckily no one on the other team caught the reference. We didn't do too badly considering we were outnumbered 13 to 5 on that round. We certainly held our own.

Game 3, it was a free-for-all and I ended up in first place - yay me. Even though it was supposedly a free-for-all I had to promise an alliance with Abby and Leah and the three of us swept the floors with the opposition. ML got pasted by us and the Spud, with the Spud doing the most shots on him. Good times and the kids had a blast.

Then Leah got her free go-cart ride. Did I mention Leah had not driven a go-cart completely by herself before?

So she happily got in, started taking the course and then went a bit fast and this happened:

That was one heckuva bang and she ran right into the wall as she was going too fast to make the turn. It was good she was wearing the seat-belt in that go-cart. They apparently didn't tell her that the brakes aren't quite immediately able to slow a go cart.

Impressively enough, after that crash she didn't quit nor cry. Instead, she kept right on going around a few more times until the ride was done but with no more crashes. She did again take that turn at a good clip on her final run, successfully clearing it that time.

After leaving the ride she complained of an ache at that spot by her shoulder where the seatbelt held her in place, and she had quite a mark from the seatbelt. At home she got some ice, some ibuprofen and some heat applied and she's fine. I'm quite proud that she stuck through it even, after the minor heart attack that she gave me from my watching her hit the wall.

The kids all had a great time with ML and his family, as we always do, and they want to do it again.

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