Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nazi Will Perhaps Soon Be De-Troyted

The Detroit Free Press: Troy man loses appeal of deportation linked to WWII

A federal appeals court won't overturn a decision that orders the deportation of a Michigan man accused of shooting Jews during World War II.

John Kalymon of Troy lost his naturalized citizenship after a trial in 2007. The appeals court said Friday there's nothing wrong with using evidence from that case to justify the retired engineer's deportation in separate hearings.

An immigration judge ordered his removal in 2011, a decision that was affirmed by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

They've been trying to get him deported since at least 2004, and its been going in fits and starts and his deporttion hearing only began in 2009 as I noted then and he's still here, living the good life while his victims are not.

Troy, and the rest of America will be much better off without him, assuming the government ever gets around to finally removing him.

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