Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Justice slowly begins 60 years too late . . .

U.S. tries to deport Troy man accused of helping Nazis
This Nazi auxilliary fellow has been a resident of the United States for 60 years, enjoying our good life, living well, while his victims have never had such opportunities.

He has admitted he lied on his immigration application:
Kalymon arrived in the United States in 1949, became a naturalized citizen six years later and went on to work at Chrysler. He has acknowledged lying about his police job on his application as a displaced person but only because he feared being sent to the Soviet Union.
He was been stripped of his citizenship in 2007.
In March 2007, a federal judge stripped Kalymon, a retired Chrysler factory worker, of his citizenship, saying he had concealed his past when he immigrated to the United States in May 1949 and finding that Kalymon had assisted in the wartime persecution of Jews including sweeps of the L'viv ghetto and, the government said, "hunting for Jews."
So it still took 2 years just to get to this stage after losing his citizenship where he has to show up for a deportation hearing.

It's certainly taken long enough to get to this point, and this deportation isn't punishment enough for his crimes, ut the USA will certainly be better off without harboring Mr. Kalymon and his ilk in it. One down, likely thousands still to go and time keeps ticking away letting more of them remain here enjoying their freedoms and their golden years that they denied to their victims.

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