Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The joys of legal travel

Blogging has been light recently as I've been really busy at work and no time to blog during lunch or otherwise.

Now I'm about to experience my first real legal travel experience. I've been around various courts all over Michigan but this is the first out of state work travel for me. So I'm psyched.

I'm now headed to San Francisco for a mediation hearing on behalf of a client that should prove to be quite interesting. Wish me luck as its a big one and a lot is riding on it.

Just landed in Phoenix on thew way. The client sprang for an upgrade at the airport to first class on the flight to Phoenix as it was longer which was very nice of him. First time flying first class and I must say it was a very fine way to travel by air - a nice lunch, a pleasant and helpful flight attendent, and a nice sized seat with decent leg room, not to mention getting to board first and get off the plane first.

Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix is very nice indeed, and makes the Smith Terminal at Detroit Metro seem downright dilapidated, colorless, and user-unfriendly by comparison.

Now waiting for the flight to SFO, which will be economy, but shorter.

I'll have pics of San Francisco taken and posted as time permits.

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