Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dive 114 - Union Lake in September

Just got back from a very nice night dive in Union Lake.

Water temp was in the 60s, visibility was 4 to 5 feet and there was plentiful lake life to be scene - 30+ crayfish, a huge pike, some bass, blue gill, and lots of smaller fish were seen on the way out to visit the sunken boats of Union Lake.

We passed by the sunken Model T Ford on our way - the frame is still there covered in zebra mussels, and a wheel remains near it, shiny and visible.

I dove with Chad tonight, he's a ridiculously good diver and is simply awesome in the water.

I did a valve drill (here's a great description of the process) with my double tanks (a valve drill is practice for localizing problems that may occur with your tanks and regulators and making sure you can shut down any blown valve or free-flowing regulator and still conserve the rest of your air) worked on my buoyancy, trim, and kicks and had a good time, including a nice, slow, controlled ascent that went like clockwork.

Just a nice relaxing dive after being out off the water since the Great Lakes dive trip of August. It was quite serene - sheer blackness outside the range of our lights, a feeling of absolutely nothing existing beyond the time and space of the now underwater, combined with near weightlessness that comes from being perfectly dialed in buoyancy wise (a state I still need to keep working on), it was quite a relaxing way to end a day. Good to get back in.

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