Monday, January 28, 2013

Thought Exercise For The Morning

Democrats wish to make us more like Europe - socialized medicine; a cradle-to-grave welfare state; no nasty guns; high taxes; a 30 hour work weeks with jobs for life; a SWPL hipster culture everywhere; a small limited military good for peacekeeping and disaster relief incapable of much more; and a state run with an ever-present and all-powerful civil service staffed with the bien pensants and their scions.

Europe can run this way (all butter, low to no guns) as it has America to act as its defensive shield, supplier of military force and support for operations that Europe can't pull off on its own, and guarantor of Europe's oil supplies and sea lanes for trade

The question is: Should the Democrats succeed in reshaping America in Europe's image, what country is going to be the next America to willingly foot the bill and secure it?

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Scott said...


But be careful what you wish for.