Monday, January 14, 2013

Is 7 The New Anti-Gunner Lucky Number?

The Detroit Free Press: Report: N.Y. governor, state lawmakers reach gun deal

I realize a New York Republican is like a Democrat anywhere else but really this leaked deal is insane and more capitulation than deal by any estimation.

The tentative agreement would further restrict New York's ban on assault weapons and limit the size of magazines to seven bullets, rather than the current 10. Other elements, pushed by Republicans, would refine a mental health law to make it easier to confine people determined to be a threat to themselves or others.

Seven rounds? really? Where'd they pull that number, rolling the dice at a casino?

It'snot like there's currently a viable market in 7 round magazines except for 1911s (most of which have since been updated to 8 rounds) and some Kahrs. Goodbye M-1 Garand en-bloc clips if you live in NY.

Once again, irrational infringements on the law-abiding for the sake of being seen to "do something" about the insane and unlawful.

Let's hope this execrable deal craps out.

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