Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looks Like The ABA Might Be Taking Notice That They Overstepped

I'm sure it is completely coincidental timing-wise in the wake of the ABA's announcement supporting Feinstein's gun ban, the ABA just sent out a survey to its members.

Dear Aaron,

The American Bar Association invites you to share your opinions by completing a very short, online survey to track our progress in several key areas.

Your participation is extremely important to us so we've kept the survey very short and it will take less than 5 minutes to complete. The deadline to participate is midnight Sunday, February 17. All responses are confidential and will be reported in aggregate.

They asked, I answered.

Included in the survey was a question asking members if they were planning to renew their membership.

Upon checking "No" you were taken to a set of questions for the reasons for not renewing, and options included disagreement with ABA's policies and positions.

It then ended with a slot for comments, which I provided thusly:

The ABA' president's public display of support for Senator Feinstein's gun ban bill, without having even read nor analyzed the bill itself, and without consulting the ABA's members regarding this policy pronouncement was the final straw in my deciding to no longer be a member of the ABA. That the ABA would support a bill with contents that violate both the 2nd and 5th amendments based on nothing more than a press release and without a careful consideration of the law and facts of the matter is both shocking and un-lawerly in the extreme.

Well, at least they know why I'm cancelling my membership.