Thursday, January 03, 2013

Use Your Time Wisely And Contact Your Representative

As SayUncle reports, Democrats have introduced a magazine (and mail order ammo) ban in Congress today: Bill banning standard capacity magazines

Take a moment out of scrounging around the net looking for any magazines or ammo to buy and write your representative now.

Unfortunately, my Congressman is Gary Peters, a Democrat's Democrat, and my email is unlikely to sway him. However, not doing so certainly won't help, and if every gun owner in his district spoke up it could make a difference.

My email to him, feel free to copy as desired or just use it to inspire your own:

Dear Congressman Peters:

I'm writing this email as a constituent urging you to oppose, or at the very least refrain from supporting "The High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act" that was introduced today.

Such a law will infringe on the rights of millions of law abiding Americans, including your constituents who have committed no crime at all due to the acts of a mentally disturbed person who is not representative of firearm owners nor Americans in general.

Further, such a law will not actually prevent such criminal acts and will instead harm law-abiding citizens from both participating in a variety of sporting activities and having effective means of self-defense.

Instead I request you take a far more daring and visionary step and instead push for comprehensive mental health care reform and treatment of these deranged individuals and preventing them from acquiring firearms and committing crimes rather than punish sane Americans, including your supporters.



Go forth and get your emails moving, most especially if you live in a district with some of the Republicans that seem to be folding like cheap suits on this (or is that just folding like a Republican?).

Electrons are free, your freedom isn't.

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Six said...

I sent e-mails to both Senators as well as our new Congressman. I hope they listen. Being that it's Utah you'd think that'd be a given but nothing is certain these days.