Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering: No, The Media Cannot Be Trusted As An Objective Reporter Of Facts

They've gone from reporting the news with a shading of progressive editorializing in the stories to all-out fabricating it to advocate for their president and their progressive narrative.

Rather blatantly fabricating it as well, as if they don't care that they'll be caught - after all, what national mainstream media outlet would prominently report and point out their manipulations?

Just NBC Yet Another Deceptive Edit

As noted in the article, that's at least five occasions where MSNBC/NBC has been caught editing audio and video to create events to fit their agenda when the unedited record indicates otherwise.

Oh, for the heady days when a Republican was president and the national media was not complicit and actively supporting and distorting facts as necessary to bolster the president's agenda. To be fair, they were actively distorting facts against the last one, but at least they weren't acting as if they were a sate-run media lap-dog.

Speaking truth to power? Hardly. Now we have the media openly lying for those in power.

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