Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Play That Funky Race Card Napoleon....

We're coming up on the start of the Mayoral Race and city elections in Detroit and that can only lead to one thing:

2013's first ceremonial throwing of the race card in Detroit:

The Detroit News: Napoleon takes verbal swipe at Duggan: 'It's our Detroit'

"It's our Detroit, and we're going to keep it for Detroiters," Napoleon said from the pulpit of New Bethel Baptist Church.

Ah, the old saw of "Detroit for Detroiters".

Duggan, the former CEO of the Detroit Medical Center, moved from Livonia to the city's Palmer Woods neighborhood earlier this year and is considering a mayoral bid. He has pointed out he was born and raised on Detroit's west side. He could not be reached for comment. But Napoleon scoffed at whether Duggan's current neighborhood off Woodward, where estate-size homes were once the province of auto executives and Detroit's social elite, could give him the same perspective as the average Detroiter. "Hell, no," he said. "Palmer Woods is not Detroit."

However, back in reality, and looking at Google, the Palmer Woods neighborhood is indeed in Detroit.

I guess Napoleon don't know much about geography of the city he intends to serve.

For those of you who don't know both contenders are Democrats, but Duggan is white and Napoleon is black (as are the other challengers) and hence the race card vuvuzela (it's no dog-whistle) of Detroit for Detroiters being blown by Napoleon.


ProudHillbilly said...

From a pulpit, no less.

Aaron said...

But of course.

Politickin' in churches is only to be castigated when Republicans do it.

Scott said...

Or when conservatives do it. Not always the same thing.