Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dive 228 - Another Union Lake Ice Dive

And another Union Lake Ice Dive took place this morning.

It wouldn't be a dive without so,me minor tweaks and issues and I had both. I had forgotten my dry gloves and had to run home for them as they had been moved by someone who will remain nameless.

During the dive I either blooped the neck seal or I'm leaking from the chest valve as I was pretty wet down the front of my body. Not good with the water temperature in the 30s. In addition, the left dry glove is still having a leak from somewhere so i need to take it apart and work on finding the leak and fixing it.

There was still plenty of ice but it is both thinner and the opening was much larger than last week, making the entrance far more convenient. Neither the duck from the last few weeks nor the ice fishermen were not present, and considering the ice thickness it was a good thing they weren't or they could have joined us on the dive.

Quite a few fish, but no impressive gars nor pikes were seen. I did see a mudpuppy as we were ascending back to the surface but he was well camouflaged under the weeds.

Good dive, no problems, and a pleasant gathering afterwards at the Library Pub to watch the underwater video Brandon took of the dive. I'm improving in terms of trim and buoyancy and am feeling quite comfortable under the ice, which is always a good thing.

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