Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dive 229 A (N)Ice Dive In Union Lake

Dive 299 started with us assembling at Union lake to find a lot more ice on it than there was last week.

Quite a few people were out ice fishing, even with extensive open water visible.

So we got in and made the entry hole a bit bigger and headed off. Chad, Keith and Fred had led off and Brandon and I followed.

Here's Brandon at the entry point.

The bubbles would gather under the ice above

We then swam to the Model T:

Then we met up with Keith, Chad and Frank at the speedboat:

At the boat, a fish was patiently waiting at the copier to make a few copies.

Fifteen minutes into the dive, we were at 34 feet in 37 degree water.

We then headed to the other boat that sits in about 40 feet of water.

Here's Brandon as we begin to head back:

Heading back, Chad spotted a mud puppy and held it up for Brandon to video:

The mud puppy decided it had had enough and swam off like a shot out of Chad's hand. It swam like a fish moving its body back and forth. First time we've seen one do that.

Then we swam back to the line and headed back towards the entry point and the surface.

Upon leaving the water, out suits began to ice up and freeze solid, as the air temp was pretty cold.

The good news from the dive is that both the replacement O-ring and replacement SD1000 camera had arrived for my camera case so I was able to test it and take it out on this dive, and it worked - no leaks.

In addition I was trying out a new dive hood - A White Arrow WA hood 5.0 Millimeter. Best dive hood ever. So much better than my beat up Diving Concepts hood as well as being more comfortable and a whole lot warmer. A warm head leads to a happy ice diver.

Great dive. Camera worked, hood worked and aside from a leak that seems to be coming from the chest inflator valve i was pretty dry. I also got some video that I'll need to edit and put up later.

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