Monday, January 07, 2013

Why You Should Never Go The Full Fudd

You know what to expect when an article in the Detroit Free Press starts with:

As an outdoors writer for two newspapers for 35 years, a hunter for more than 50, and an owner of handguns, shotguns and rifles, I'm at loggerheads with some gun owners because I believe the U.S. is in desperate need of new gun control laws.

And we're not disappointed:

Eric Sharp: Aim for gun laws that will work

As a hunter, I have no idea why people buy them. They may think pseudo-assault rifles look sexy or get some kind of perverse Walter Mitty thrill by holding one and pretending they're like the tough guys in television shows and movies.

But in wasting time arguing over pseudo-assault rifles, we ignore a more important point: This country makes it easy for every kind of gun to get into the hands of lunatics and criminals and to increase their murderous efficiency.

It's not as important how fast someone shoots as how many times he can shoot. That's why something as simple as limiting magazines for semiautomatic rifles and handguns to six rounds makes a lot more sense than outlawing the guns. I'd bet a lot of people wouldn't be interested in those guns if they couldn't also buy 30-round magazines.

We should also require registration of all gun sales, not just those done by stores. Private individuals can't sell cars without paperwork, so why should they be able to sell guns anonymously? And we should limit sales and purchases by enthusiasts to two a month and make sentences for every crime committed with a gun far more harsh than for, say, selling drugs.

In the world according to Eric, since he doesn't like semi-autos, the US will be a magically better place with mandatory registration of all guns and limiting capacity to six rounds only, and he calls on the feds to do it claiming the Second Amendment is the first gun control law in the US. Yes, he really says that, and likely believes it.

Hilariously enough, immediately after calling for confiscation of all magazines holding over 6 rounds he then claims that

We can't eliminate gun ownership in a nation where there are already an estimated 300 million guns in civilian hands. And there's no reason to stop 99.9% of the people from owning guns, because they will never abuse that right.

But confiscating magazines from all gun owners is a-ok with Eric, even though by his own logic there is no reason to take them from 99.9% of them?

Fudd logic at its finest.

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Six said...

I tried to post this comment to that bozo but they required a Facebook account and I don't have an account.

"Private individuals can't sell cars without paperwork, so why should they be able to sell guns anonymously?"

Your example fails. Paperwork is needed to drive a vehicle on the road not to buy or sell. I have a 1958 Jeep that hasn't been on the road since 1962. It's strictly an off road vehicle. It runs and drives, does all the things a vehicle is supposed to do I just don't drive it on the street. No paperwork exists for this vehicle that I am aware of. It's been out of the system for 50 years. I can buy or sell it or any vehicle I want to or from anyone who has the desire. Registration is only required to operate on public streets not for buying, selling or possessing. I can buy gas for it and everything.

Here's the thing Mister Sharp. After they take my gun what in the world makes you think they'll leave yours alone? Scoped rifles are sniper weapons. Shotguns are weapons of mass destruction since they can be converted to fire massive slugs. Who really needs anything bigger than a 22 or a 410? A pistol? Just an excuse to covertly carry around a weapon designed only to kill people.

Once down this path there is no going back and no end in sight short of an outright ban and total confiscation. An attack on my Second Amendment rights is an attack on yours as well. Is it that you can't see that or do you just hope you'll be eaten last and are willing to sell the rest of your countrymen down the drain in the vain act of licking the hands of your masters?