Thursday, February 25, 2021

Education Gone Woke: Getting The Right Answers In Math And More Is Now White Supremacy Culture

Critical Race Theory first infiltrated and infected the higher echelons of Academia and its now spread to the corporate world (See Coca-Cola telling its white employees to try to act less white for example)  the entertainment world - see the cancellation of Gina Carano and the current force-feeding of BLM and woke theology in just about every show these days)

Now its working its way down the educational chain into primary and secondary schools.

See for example the curriculum at

Highlights from the first section alone include such gems as: 

We see white supremacy culture in the mathematics classroom can show up when:

  • The focus is on getting the “right” answer.

  • Independent practice is valued over teamwork or collaboration.

  • “Real-world math” is valued over math in the real world.

  • Participation structures reinforce dominant ways of being.

  • Teachers enculturated in the USA teach mathematics the way they learned it.

  • Expectations are not met.

  • Addressing mistakes.

  • Teachers are teachers and students are learners.

  • Math is taught in a linear fashion and skills are taught sequentially, without consideration of prerequisite knowledge.

  • State standards guide learning in the classroom.

  • Procedural fluency is preferred over conceptual knowledge.

  • “Good” math teaching is considered an antidote for mathematical inequity for Black, Latinx, and multilingual students.

  • Rigor is expressed only in difficulty.

  • “I do, we do, you do” is the format of the class.

  • Students are required to “show their work.”

  • Grading practices are focused on lack of knowledge.

Note this insanity of course comes from California, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation providing "generous financial support" for this insanity.

First, it is amazingly racist to deem math a matter of white superiority and "white supremacy culture".  Many races and ethnicities of all sorts are rather upset with this unfounded assertion.

Second, it's even more amazingly racist towards black and brown people and "multi-lingual" people [seriously - what?] to claim that getting "the right answer", being required to "show your work",  "Addressing mistakes",  having "expectations",  "procedural fluency",  and that teachers are expected to be teachers and students are expected to be students are somehow signs and features of white supremacy culture.

Just imagine if the real-life Black women of NASA in Hidden Figures when asked by astronauts for their orbital calculations simply replied: 

"Sorry, we can't be expected to meet those expectations and getting the right answer and then showing how we did that is a matter of white supremacy culture - hope y'all have a good launch and good luck"

Just imagine if Jaime Escalante, when teaching his Hispanic students about calculus and advanced math, that instead of inspiring and challenging his students to learn and excel instead just said:

    "That's just white supremacy culture esse, you can't be expected to learn that or get the right answer, just go back to the barrio."
I think we've gone past the soft bigotry of low expectations and have started hitting the hard stuff.  

Would you want anyone designing a bridge, vehicle, or doing financial calculations, or anything else for that matter related to math not being concerned with getting the right answer, showing their work, etc?

It's bad enough that Gates inflicted Common Core on the nation, now he's funding an even more destructive Common Wokeness on our nation.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... Glad I'm gonna be gone before the 'newest' math kicks in with those architects, accountants, etc.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The reason for "showing your work" is so the instructor can give you credit for everything you did right and to diagnose what you were struggling with.

The people who hammered out that list are clueless.

drjim said...

Just saw this over at Silicon Graybeard's site, and just about had to pop a blood pressure pill.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, I don't expect the new edifices they create without care as to the right answer will last as a result.

Eaton Rapids Joe: Yep, that list could just as easily have been written by the KKK. Someday these idiots need to look in the mirror and ask themselves: "Are we the baddies?".

drjim: I'll go have a look. I was rather annoyed to see this nonsense myself.

Excelling in Mediocrity said...

Our society is becoming the real life combination of "1984" and "Idiocracy"

Scott said...

And people wonder why people homeschool. This claptrap is the exact reason why we did.