Friday, September 25, 2020

Flying - The Local Airport Triple

Today is too nice a day to not get in the air.

Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and winds calm to 3 knots.  

So, I jumped into the trusty Archer and took to the skies.

I decided to leave the local airport environs and get some un-towered airport practice.

It turns out a lot of other pilots had the same idea.

First, I took off from Pontiac and they had me cross 27R and instead use the big runway - Runway 27L, which is always fun.

Then I flew northeast to Lapeer, where I entered the pattern for Runway 18 as planes were already using 18, using appropriate radio calls all the while.

Another couple planes were there and not an issue, we had each other in sight and it's all good.  

I did a good landing and then taxied back and held short and waited to takeoff as an bright yellow amphib piper cub was coming in to land, sans radio  (but smartly with another pilot who had a radio flying with him letting everyone know), and with the other aircraft coming in to land behind him. Fun to watch.

I then took off and remained in the pattern. Radio calls all the while, a few more planes entering the pattern, all is well and everyone is showing solid awareness.

That is until I get on short final.  Very short final, got the numbers in the windscreen, landing looks and feels just perfect, this is going to be great  ----

And a dickhead in a blue painted Cessna decides it's a perfect time to roll onto the runway and takeoff without any radio call or looking at final to see an aircraft about to land on the numbers.

"Archer 28S is going around, sidestepping right due to traffic taking off!" 

Not stated but understood by everyone else in the pattern - "You flipping f'ing moron taking off while I'm about to land!"

Thanks a lot there super chief.  Full power, slowly retract the flaps, and fly the airplane and keep separation from the moron that's taking off.

So I headed off to my next airport - D98 Romeo.

Flying to Romeo and I overfly and then setup for Runway 18.  Do my radio calls and enter the downwind and get a report from the ground that they are working on the lighting to the left of runway 18 but should not be a factor.  I can see them and let them know I appreciate the heads up.

Another airplane also comes in and we've got good communication and spacing, I land, he then lands, and we both taxi again to takeoff. Another nice landing.

I bid him a good flight and takeoff and head back to Pontiac.

12 Miles out from Pontiac I give the tower a call. I then get instructions to do a straight in and report a 3-mile final to Runway 27R from the tower. Yay.


I'm #2, following another Archer who is in the pattern, and he clears the runway and I land and just grease the plane in perfectly.

Then I park, refuel the plane, and put the plane to bed.

1.3 and 3 very good landings and a very mandatory go-around.

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B said...

Say when and where and we will fly there.

Preferably somewhere in Michigan, if we can do lunch or breakfast or dinner there.

We could even come to Pontiac if need be.