Sunday, January 05, 2020

Today's Quick Driving Legal Tip

Well, you happen to drive a lime-green Dodge Challenger and it's snowing a bit, oh, what to do?

So, you want to rev your engine a lot and do donuts in a parking lot, and also race back and forth between some interconnected parking lots and on and off the street at high speed and with maximum noise.

In other words you want to drive like a jerk in a lime-green Challenger.

The tip: Don't do this within hearing distance of a police station on the same street.

Just too much fun to watch two police SUVs converge, box him in, and nail him.


B said...

If he's on private property what is the crime?

Just askin'

Aaron said...

Not his property, and he was going into and out of the street through multiple entrances/exits. In short, driving like a moron.