Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jett - Airedoodle On Ice

Jett got an invite to go play with Rocky in the snow today.  The wind was calm which made it a lot more bearable and enjoyable. Rocky lives with a decent sized pond behind his house and it has well and truly frozen over.

Jett profusely enjoyed playing on the ice. When his brake pads weren't up to stopping, he would do a 180 degree spin and slide to a stop, occasionally into a snowbank.

He and Rocky had a blast playing in the snow and on the ice.

Then there was the catch a snowball contest.

Jett gave it all he got - as you can see as he leaps to catch the incoming snowball in this pic:

And he got it.

He also won the King of The Hill contest.

A darn good time with some nice neighbors.


Old NFO said...

Looks like the pup had fun! After all, HE was wearing a form fitting fur coat! :-)

Keads said...

Nice! Looks cold though =)

Aaron said...

Old NFO: He got cold after a while as the snow sticks to his coat, but he did good and had fun.

Keads: Thanks. Yeah it certainly and sadly wasn't the tropics.

Murphy's Law said...

Heh. way to rock the ice, dog!

ProudHillbilly said...

You have wind clams in MI?

Aaron said...

ML: Yep, he rocked it.

PH: You mean you don't down in WV?

When the Cold and harsh winter wind bites your face or nips your nose, its a wind clam. :-)