Saturday, January 03, 2015

Another Incremental Michigan Gun Law Improvement: Snyder Signs CPL Reform Into Law

Yesterday Governor Snyder signed SB 789 and 790 into law.

While these bills do not fix the no carry areas, otherwise known as criminal empowerment zones, they do effectively address quite a few issues in the current law and make some good improvements.

The law gets rid of the anachronistic and unnecessary County Gun Boards and makes Michigan a true Shall-issue state where as long as you're legally qualified, you will get a CPL permit.  No longer will some Michiganders have to take time off work to go to a Gun Board Meeting to have to stand a beg for a shall-issue permit that is then issued so long as they appear.  Nor will you be stuck waiting as long as you have in the past for the permits to be issued, and it also fixes the renewal gap problem.

The new law slightly reduces the cost of the permits, fixes some of the application and renewal processing delay problems and makes for a better CPL issuance and renewal system overall.

Another good improvement, with hopefully more to come. 

So, do politely contact Governor Snyder, thank him for passing SB 789 and 790 and politely request he support further reform of the law, including getting rid of prohibition on law-abiding people lawfully carrying concealed firearms in the current no-carry zones.

The NRA-ILA: Michigan: Governor Snyder Signs Concealed Pistol Licensing Reform Into Law


Old NFO said...

One little step and a time, but at least they are in the RIGHT direction!

Aaron said...

Yes indeed, we're getting there.

Dave said...

Now we need to resurrect the legislation that was moving through the state legislature (House approved; stalled in Senate by request from state police) and finally blown off the rails by the Newtown, CT tragedy, that would have removed the permit to purchase requirement and handgun registration.
Hopefully, some enterprising state pol will have the gumption to try again. Enough time has passed that some of the original players (sponsors) have been replaced.
Wonder if there's anyone in the current group that might step up?


Aaron said...


Hopefully so. There's enough pro-gun legislators there to push it forward again I should think. Combined with a Republican majority and no upcoming reelection worries for Snyder, it shouldn't be too difficult to craft a bill to move the ball farther down the field.

Even if we don't get all the zones repealed, getting some of them removed will make it easier to get rid of the remainder down the road as the naysayers yet again realize and have to admit there was no ill-effect from removing them in the first place.