Friday, April 04, 2014

Ya Don't Stop In The D - Driver Stops To Render Aid, Gets Beaten By Mob

Brooks Patterson may have be onto something 30 years ago when he advised that people don't stop in Detroit.

After a minor accident caused by an 11-year old boy who walked into traffic by a gas station, the 54-year-od driver of the truck stopped and left the truck to render aid, much as any civilized person would do.

The uncivilized crowd of 20-30 people hanging around the gas station however decided to give him a major beat down, with at least 10-12 participating, and he's now in critical condition in hospital.

On top of the that, the crowd of thugs stole his cash and credit cards from his wallet. You could call them scum, but that would be an insult to scum.

The kicker? The driver is white, the mob was black, so expect federal hate crime charges in, ah heck, you and I both know that's not going to happen. Nor will Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton make an appearance to decry this racially-charged violence.

Now that stopping to render assistance and remain at the scene of an accident is now plainly unsafe in many areas in Detroit, your best bet is to call the police to reort the incident and then drive to the nearest police station to report it rather than remain and get mobbed on.

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