Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Reason Why Pugh May Have Pulled The Plug

President of the Detroit City Council Charles Pugh had just announced, via a memo that he was taking a leave of absence for health reasons from the City Council.

Now we might just know why:

a Southfield attorney says he is preparing a lawsuit against the one-time broadcaster for alleged inappropriate activity involving a youth, including “disturbing” text messages.

The Detroit Free Press: Where's Charles Pugh? Kevyn Orr moves to halt his salary; lawyer accuses council president of misdeeds with teen

Sounds like Pugh is accused of one of the few things that can get a Democrat shamed from office - being caught with a live boy or a dead girl, and in this case it's allegedly a boy.

The Detroit Public Schools confirmed that the mother of a recent high school graduate student at the Frederick Douglass Academy for Boys made a complaint against Pugh in early June, alleging the council president gave her son gifts of clothing, a cell phone and cash without her knowledge....We’re alleging Mr. Pugh engaged in inappropriate behavior with our client [attorney for the boy's mother] Land said at a news conference

It's not called a clowncil for nothing folks, and again yet another Detroit official may be sunk by their own text messages.

But Ware and Land held an inch-thick stack of photocopies of what they said were text messages and phone calls made by Pugh to the boy. They would not show the text messages in detail, but Ware said: “They’re bad. They’re disturbing.”

So Pugh is alleged to have done to an individual Detroiter what he and the rest of the city clowncil have been doing collectively to the entire City of Detroit.

That's Detroit for you.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Actually, these days I'm surprised that even that can drive one from office, at least for any length of time. I mean, it's all about love, isn't it?