Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Detroit City Clowncil Starting To Abandon A Sinking Ship

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, Detroit's City Council members are rapidly heading for the exit as the city flounders in default and decay.

First, Kwame Kenyatta resigned, and good riddance.

Next, the President of the City Council Charles Pugh under some very strange circumstances just took a 4 week medical leave of absence with pay after - something not provided for in the City's charter, and for which he's being told by the EFM Orr to either show up and do his job or resign.

Now, President Pro Tem of the City Council Gary Brown, is resigning from the council to go work for the EFM's office as the city's chief compliance officer and make $250,000 per year.

Whether Orr is crazy to bring in a city clowncil member, one of those who created the mess that caused the city to fall out of compliance, as his chief compliance officer is open to question.

Is he crazy like a fox trying to get Brown in to get buy-in and further support from the city, or did he just let a fox into the chicken coop?

Or is this just Democrat city politics as usual where the connected end up with high paying jobs no matter what?

Stay tuned as things continue to get shaken up and shake out in the City of Detroit.

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Clayton Cramer said...

Just linked to it. Remember the line in Kentucky Fried Movie: "Take him to Detroit!"